Advantages of Wind Energy

Wind energy produces no polluting emissions of any kind, including those that cause global warming.
Wind turbines use a fuel that's free, inexhaustible and immune from the drastic price swings to which fossil fuels are subject.
With careful siting and outreach to the local community, wind farms can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to construct coal or natural-gas power plants. A 50-megawatt wind farm can be completed in less than a year.
In the right location, it takes only three to eight months for a wind energy farm to recoup the energy consumed by its building and installation -- one of the fastest "energy payback times" of any energy technology on the market.
Although bird and bat safety are ongoing concerns, wind power does not contribute to the plethora of other environmental and public health costs caused by conventional fossil power production: acid rain in lakes, mercury in fish, particulate-matter respiratory illnesses, coal mine slag, nuclear waste fuel storage, and so on. The National Academy of Sciences estimates that electricity generation from coal, oil-fueled vehicles and transportation, and electricity production from natural gas caused an estimated $120 billion in damages in 2005, with health-related damages accounting for almost all of these costs.
The growing use of wind energy creates manufacturing and technical jobs, and significantly more jobs per dollar invested compared to non-renewables technology, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Wind power consumes no water during operation. This will be an increasingly important attribute as the water-energy nexus grows in importance and as water use becomes an increasingly important facet of defining sustainability.

Slewing ring for construction application

Because of the light structure of the craneUWE slewing ring is an essential and strategic part.Our design matches perfectly the life time required by the customer. The quality and the precision of our manufacturing are the key to ensure good running after many dismantling operations of the crane.Truck telescopic crane requiring high stiffness with high capacity is also one of the applications where UWE bearings  make the difference thanks to unique preloading technology.UWE slewing ring participate to the construction of thousands of buildings everyday all around the world with total safety.
Public works does cover a wide range of applications, since its very beginning UWE has developed specifics slewing rings that suits all the particularities of those applications.Thanks to latest technology calculation, design is permanently optimized to follow our customers new developments, in order to offer what the market needs.Concrete mixers requires smooth rotation with low torque to avoid creation of heat and vibration in the system.Quality, lifetime of UWE bearings.


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