Slewing rings medical application

UWE slewing rings dedicated to medical applications are designed for a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise,specifically for Radiotherapy applications.
UWE also supplies slewing ring for pharmaceutical industry for all production steps, mixing, filling, cleaning.The perfect circularity and the high precision of our bearing are the result of our specific finishing and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements. We also propose innovative sealing solutions to avoid any leakage in a clean environment.

Slewing ring for precision application

UWE is the expert in high precision preloaded crossed roller bearings for precision applications like robotics, machine-tools, indexing and positioning tables, CNC tilting tables, milling heads, and many others. UWE crossed roller bearings from medium diameter 148 mm to 2455 mm for small to extra large rotary tables.UWE three row roller bearings with inner diameter 200 mm to 1030 mm interchangeable with the reference product on the market.
Our R & D department offers full technical support for specific projects and simultaneous engineering leading to modifying existing products or developing new ones to answer to the most special inquiries.
Thanks to raceway finish by grinding, systematic matching of the rings and preload, we offer the best reliability and precision, proven by extensive in-house testing, for the applications all along the required lifetime.


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