Slewing ring for mining application

Stacker reclaimers, Bucket Wheel, Spreaders, as well as ship loaders and unloaders are very demanding applications.The high capacity of UWE slewing rings is obtained by the control of the hardening process of the raceways and the gear.  Double rows of balls for heavy loads & compact solution or Combination of Rollers and Ball for very high axial loads & moments as well as small radials efforts.UWE also manufacture slewing rings for application in underground mining where compact & reliable solutions are required for an aggressive environment.

Slewing ring for offshore application

Thanks to UWE engineering and R&D department, We are able to provide tailor made solutions being used on wide range of Offshoreand Marine application.UWE Slewing Rings can help customers to do certificate like DNV, ABS, API, GL, BV, LLOYDS for examples..We also offer unique sealing complying with seawater environment, as well as thin stainless steel layer to increase lifetime on seal contact surface.For large Offshore cranes, Bulk Handling, Marine cranes our special design is also a popular solution, meeting requirements for huge axial loads& tilting moments.

Slewing ring for handling application

The stiffness & preload of UWE slewing ring are a perfect solution for the highest manlift. Those applications require precision in manoeuvring and safety while working in difficult environment subject to wind. Especially for firetrucks the highest stiffness ensure the highest efficiency in the works.Our special design gives very compact bearings, which is essential for this product. Our process control gives the customer a very simple solution to set up the pinion in order to save time during the mounting of the machines.Handling container in harbour requires more and more efficiency, UWE supply for example Rubber tyre gantry crane &Reach Stackers for this environment. For lots of various Handling applications UWE supplies all range of Slewing Ring matching the different requirement of our customers.

UWE slewing ring for excavators

UWE excavator slewing bearings/slewing rings have a high load carrying capacity, a versatile range of applications and are highly cost-effective. Due to their design, a single bearing can reliably support radial, axial and tilting moment loads. It is therefore possible in many cases to replace bearing arrangements comprising a combination of radial and axial bearings by a single bearing.

This reduces, in some cases considerably, the costs and work required in the design of the adjacent construction and the fitting of bearings. It is made up of mounting holes, inner gear or outer gear, grease hole and sealing device. It has many positive characteristics; compact structure, light weight, good rigidity, steady speed and high precision.

UWE can offer a wide range of  excavators, like  Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Caterpillar, Hyundai and so on. Small size four-point contact ball slewing bearings often used for this application.Single row four point contact bll bearing is composed of two seatings. This type slewing bearing ring/slewing bearing/slewing ring features compact in design,light in weight, the balls contact with the circular raceway at four moment may be simultaneously. 

UWE bearing-"one hundred days no accident"

In order to continue to pursue and achieve high quality slewing ring objectives, raise the quality and safety awareness of employees, enhance cohesion and competitiveness in the market, the company  has held a working sessions about “ one hundred days no accident” in our conference hall. UWE president  Wang Jianjun, and relevant department heads, and other shop workers attended the meeting.
Conference topic was "improving the quality awareness, improve quality standards to ensure safe production, improve safety awareness, and promote sound and rapid development". The meeting pointed that the aim is to improve the quality and ensure safety in production and increasing the training of staff, and strengthen the assessment about production discipline supervision, implementation of safe production and strengthen production safety management.
Advantage of the activities to enhance employee safety awareness, constantly improve production quality in the case of safe production, promote the prosperity and development for the company.

"UWE"-famous trademark in Liaoning

UWE bearing has won the honorary title of  Dalian famous brand in 2010, and was identified as the national high-tech enterprise in 2011. Company attaches great importance to create famous brand, and trying our best to build UWE image. At present, the company is to implement the brand strategy, identified as "Famous brand in Liaoning Province" by the Liaoning Provincial Administration for Industry.
UWE bearing has an industry leading experts and a large number of outstanding engineering and technical personnel, all of them have been committed to reach and develop slewing bearing ,11 R & D projects obtained national patent..
UWE will continue to focus on customer’s demand, and constantly research and innovation to achieve the development concept “Technology support UWE, Quality achieve eternity”.For the creation of Chinese power bearing country, to achieve Industrial prosperous, revitalize national industry and create brilliant tomorrow.

Application of slewing ring

Single-Row Ball Slewing Rings (01-Series)
The slewing rings can be processed with special requirements: teeth cage and surface or full teeth quenching, preload, centering, special seal (warm fluorination seal, double labium seal, iron seal, iron and copper spacer or holder), etc.
Applications: Handling equipments, platform lifts, yaw bearings, rotary tables, cranes, excavators and other construction machines, welding construction, manufacture equipment and construction engineering.

Cross Roller Slewing Rings (11-Series)
Cross roller slewing rings with single-row roller raceway angle of 45°. More evenly preset potentiometer by different encumbrances and higher dynamic life than same constructed ball slewing rings. Since the product requires higher precision in manufacturing, the costs are higher compared to the ball slewing rings. But thanks to the higher running accuracy and the well-proportioned turn, it is used widely.
Applications: Robots, antennas, medical equipments, machine tools, filling and packing machines.

Double-Row Ball Slewing Rings (02-Series)
Normal double-row ball slewing rings have eight point raceways with either same or different balls. This series is widely used in heavy machinery, wind energy blade bearings and heavy construction machinery etc. Preloads, precision classes,special cages or seals & hardened gears can all be individually manufactured, according to your needs. With high requirements on design, technology and production, this series is used in heavy encumbrances , but because of low demand of installation and connection, it is more economical and practical than triple-row roller slewing bearings. Applications: Pitch bearings (blade bearings), cranes, excalvators, construction machines,other machines and equipments.

Triple-Row Roller Slewing Rings (13-series)
Triple-row roller slewing rings can be used in the most load requirements with narrow required space. Besides synthetic spacers,if demanded cages can be offered in synthal, steel, viton or brass. Special seal and surface handling like zinc plating,painting ensures applications for offshore. This series requires corresponding design and heat treatment of the raceways.thanks to the higher running reliability, stability and long durability, it is widely used in heavy-duty machinery. Applications: Deep boring equipments, fire fighting vehicles, steel plant equipment, self loading trucks,consturction machinery like cranes and other machinery and equipment.

Aluminum Alloy Bearing Characteristics

Apart from the weight savings already mentioned UWE light alloy wire-race bearings are particularly advantageous in applications where the bearing is required to withstand shock loads and travelling vibrations. Due to aluminium’s smaller modulus of elasticity in comparison with steel and the additional elastic deformation between the races and race beds in the bearing rings, shock loads are absorbed much more smoothly, so that brinelling in the races and striation can be prevented.The high elasticity of the wrought aluminium alloy characterized by a low modulus of elasticity causes the elongation differential to be fully absorbed by the wire-race bearing.

UWE slewing ring applications

UWE larged size slewing rings can accommodate a combined load, i.e. axial, radial loads and tilting moment.They are usually provided with holes for fixing bolts; internal, external or no gear; and lubrication holes and seals, which allow a compact and economical arrangement. In addition they often enable the elimination of many components necessary in the classical bearing arrangement.
UWE slewing rings have proven effectiveness in the following applications:
– construction, mobile and tower cranes,
– shovel, digging-wheel excavators,
– revolving grabs and winches,
– graders,
– logging industry machines including feller bunchers,
– loaders, vehicles for waste removal, hydraulic grippers,
– axles and undercarriages,
– assembly and access platforms,
– robots, manipulators and positioners,
– machine tools,
–special equipment (rescue vehicles, aerials, feller bunchers and tunnel machines, drilling equipment, wind turbines and cleaning and bottle filling machines).
Combining compactness, accuracy, smooth operation with relative high rigidity, together with simple mounting and operation reliability are qualities that allow the use of these bearings in all industrial branches.

      slewing bearing manufacturer

      As a leading slewing bearing manufacturer,UWE is engaged in designing,developing and researching slewing bearing, with the big customer of GPC,Sinovel Wind Group,ZWZ,and SKF China. Professional design technology,Strict quality control and considerable after-sales service make UWE owning the famous customers.
      UWE slewing ring outer diameter from 700mm-5000mm.Ring Material: 42CrMo, 50Mn, steel 45# ,aluminum alloy,stainless steel. We supply OEM service/design service/buyer Label.

      UWE slewing bearing quality is controlled strictly,we send a full set of inspection documents from raw material to finished products.Each piece of slewing ring has UWE nameplate, which makes all slewing bearings 100% traceability. All slewing bearing warranty time is 12 months, and we supply repair service for the expiration products charging less fees.

      We are the manufacturer of slewing bearing, which means we could offer best price and direct technical support. This makes UWE more competitive than trading companies. 


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