single row cross roller slewing ring

UWE single row cross roller slewing ring is mainly made up of inside and outside rings. It features compact in design, light in weight, small in assembling clearance, and high in installing precision. As the rollers are crossed arranged by 1:1, it is suitable for high precision mounting and capable to bear axial force, radial force and resultant torque simultaneously.
This series have widely application in lift transport aircraft, construction machinery, and military products.

Slewing Ring Bearing Overhauling

Revolving inspection is necessary to check correct installation after the slewing ring is intalled. For small size machinery, we can  revolve the slewing bearing by hand, to ensure whether can run smoothly. Inspection items include revolving not smoothly due to foreign objects, bruises and indentation; moment force unstable due to unproper installation and unproper processing of support; over moment force due to backlash too small, installation error and sealing friction. If there is no abnormal status, dynamic run of the slewing bearing can be proceeded.

aluminium alloy wire-race bearing

Wire raceway slewing bearing, it is a kind of the rolling ring of composite inlay and supporting the production of special structure bearing.Bearing main body material can be some special material: according to the operating conditions such as special aluminum alloy material, special copper and other metals or metal materials. quenching spring wire embedded in the bearing ring to serve as a bearing raceway, has the characteristics of high precision, wear resistance, easy maintenance.
Double row cylindrical roller wire-raceway slewing bearing was deliveried in March 2014, recognised by the height of the foreign users.UWE research and development of steel wire raceway slewing bearing to ensure the bearing strong corrosion resistance, light weight, and is applicable to cold, heat, and many other very dirty environment and to ensure the bearing under the characteristics of high precision operation, carrying capacity, impact resistance, high reliability.
Due to the high contact stress is mainly borne by steel wire, bearing ring (the research and development for monolithic) was ingredients.After damage and bearing steel wire rolling, can be removed to replace, the characteristics of two kinds of greatly reduces the cost of transportation, transportation efficiency, repair costs and downtime work time.
This kind of bearing difficult to design and manufacture, UWE technology belongs to the domestic advanced level, are widely used in light machinery, medical equipment, military field and other special work areas, etc.

requirements of slewing rings

Structures with slewing bearings normally require design types which are able to transmit all occurring loads with one bearing. These are normally axial, radial and tilting moments.These bearings must furthermore be suited to withstand the complete spectrum of operating conditions, as for example
• High and low temperatures including temperature fluctuations
• Overpressures and negative pressures
• Deformations of the companion structure
• Weight limits
• Limitation of the frictional torque
• Low maintenance
• Corrosion resistance
• Magnetoresistive behaviour
• Open center to run through supply lines or as access opening
Design and dimensioning
The bearings are individually designed and dimensioned for every application, this means that the buyer is not required to customize to specified geometries of catalogue bearings and characteristics but the bearing can be designed according to the customer’s structure and the specification.

UWE wire-race bearing

UWE wire-race bearings fulfill the described requirements. Due to the fact that the rolling elements do not roll on the bearing rings but on the wires which are in the bearing rings, the material selection and material combination of the components are nearly unlimited.
We are ready to develop a tailor-made solution for new applications at any time.In addition, wire-race bearings offer the possibility of a more economical repair since it is often sufficient to replace individual components such as wire races, rolling elements, spacers and seals in order to reuse a repaired bearing.

Slewing rings medical application

UWE slewing rings dedicated to medical applications are designed for a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise,specifically for Radiotherapy applications.
UWE also supplies slewing ring for pharmaceutical industry for all production steps, mixing, filling, cleaning.The perfect circularity and the high precision of our bearing are the result of our specific finishing and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements. We also propose innovative sealing solutions to avoid any leakage in a clean environment.

Slewing ring for wind energy

UWE is a leading Chinese supplier of blade bearing and yaw bearings for wind energy, from Small Wind Turbines of 750kW to the latest Multi-MW Offshore turbines up to 5MW.
The custom designed UWE slewing bearings are engineered in close cooperation with turbine manufacturers: our dedicated engineering team is at your service for new developments and design optimisation.UWE slewing bearings are delivered worldwide.

Slewing ring for precision application

UWE is the expert in high precision preloaded crossed roller bearings for precision applications like robotics, machine-tools, indexing and positioning tables, CNC tilting tables, milling heads, and many others. UWE crossed roller bearings from medium diameter 148 mm to 2455 mm for small to extra large rotary tables.UWE three row roller bearings with inner diameter 200 mm to 1030 mm interchangeable with the reference product on the market.
Our R & D department offers full technical support for specific projects and simultaneous engineering leading to modifying existing products or developing new ones to answer to the most special inquiries.
Thanks to raceway finish by grinding, systematic matching of the rings and preload, we offer the best reliability and precision, proven by extensive in-house testing, for the applications all along the required lifetime.

Slewing ring for packaging application

Packaging and bottling industry are synonymous of high productivity link with very high technology process. UWE has developed in accordance with those high requirements,slewing rings with large diameters of these applications. These particular slewing bearings require strict process control. Low and constant rotating torque, as well as weight saving by light design are also key factors to ensure our customers the best products.Our quality gives a very low level of maintenance.Especially for PET bottles, UWE is present at all steps of the production from heating of the preform to labelling of the final products.

Slewing ring for construction application

Because of the light structure of the craneUWE slewing ring is an essential and strategic part.Our design matches perfectly the life time required by the customer. The quality and the precision of our manufacturing are the key to ensure good running after many dismantling operations of the crane.Truck telescopic crane requiring high stiffness with high capacity is also one of the applications where UWE bearings  make the difference thanks to unique preloading technology.UWE slewing ring participate to the construction of thousands of buildings everyday all around the world with total safety.
Public works does cover a wide range of applications, since its very beginning UWE has developed specifics slewing rings that suits all the particularities of those applications.Thanks to latest technology calculation, design is permanently optimized to follow our customers new developments, in order to offer what the market needs.Concrete mixers requires smooth rotation with low torque to avoid creation of heat and vibration in the system.Quality, lifetime of UWE bearings.


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