offshore wind,wave and tidal energy

Harnessing energy from offshore winds, waves, and tides holds great promise for our nation's clean energy future. Energy production is just one of the valuable resources our oceans and coastal ecosystems provide. We can successfully develop offshore renewable energy by ensuring that energy projects are sited, designed, and constructed in a manner that protects our fragile ocean ecosystems.

what is renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from natural sources that are constantly and sustainably replenished. The technologies featured here will make our families healthier, more secure, and more prosperous by improving our air quality, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, curbing global warming, adding good jobs to the economy and -- when they're properly sited -- protecting environmental values such as habitat and water quality. Working together, policymakers, communities, businesses, investors, utilities, and farmers can help build a sustainable future for America and the planet.

Mexico customer visited UWE

Today, Mexico customer Miguel visited UWE bearings.He visited UWE slewing bearing workshop and physico-chemical room. He showed great satisfication with UWE including slewing bearing technology,machining condition,working environment,process machines. We talked and discussed more about the slewing bearing used for wind turbines,water treatment,mining and machinery. 
This visit will help us to expend UWE slewing ring business to Mexico, and will help UWE to make own brand famous.

Bearings selection and calculations for wind power plants

The demands placed on bearings for wind power plants are extremely high. Therefore, the procedures for bearing selection and lifetime calculations are fundamentally different than selecting bearings in other application areas.
When selecting bearings for industrial use, design engineers can choose bearings for a defined bearing location relatively easily, working together with their suppliers if necessary, and basing their decisions on parameters such as rotary speed and torque, radial and axial load, and the required rigidity and preload or clearance. 
In wind power technology, the procedures leading up to the selection of a bearing are fundamentally different, essentially because of a single parameter: the bearing lifetime. The manufacturers of wind power plants and the gears for those plants require a bearing lifetime of 20 years (i.e. 175,000 hours) for their bearings. This is already an extreme value, but it does not cover all requirements. In addition, it must be taken into account that external loads acting on the bearing are highly dynamic (that is, irregular) because of the wind. The unfavorable environmental conditions for offshore facilities, used ever more frequently, are another factor: sea air is highly corrosive. For generator plants, electrical corrosion must also be taken into account. Finally, the service options available to wind farm operators are extremely limited, and any unscheduled downtime for a bearing will result in significant costs.

See you in Shanghai during 18 Sept.2014-21 Sept.2014

UWE will attend 2014 China Internal Bearing Industry Exhibition from 18 Sept.2014-21 Sept.2014 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition&Convention Center. UWE booth number is 2 Hall F121. We are there waiting for everyone coming and discussion.
2014 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition (the 14th session) will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from September 18 to 21, 2014. Covering an area of 45000Sq.m. with estimated more than 700 exhibitors and 50000 visitors will gather together. During the exhibition, Shanghai International Bearing Summit Forum, the connection between production and demand, and a series of technical seminars will be held accordingly. Discuss about the development trend of bearings market and case studies.

UWE heat treatment process introduction

1. Heat treatment is the key process for UWE manufacturing,100% inspection for all process.Detection adopts advanced magnetic particle inspection equipment to ensure the quality of key working procedure processing effectively controlled.
2. Using medium frequency induction heat quenching technology.Equipment was purchased from Shanghai Heatking Machine-electrical equipment Co., Ltd., induction arc automatic quenching, working with electric heating well type tempering furnace, using special water-soluble quenching agent (sodium nitrite + organic polymer).
(1) induction heating is to use electromagnetic induction to produce eddy current and the workpiece in the artifacts and localized heating (electrical energy into heat energy).Induction heating surface quenching has the following advantages compared with common quenching: heat source on the workpiece surface, fast heating, high thermal efficiency,small deformation because of non whole heating;short artifacts heating time, little surface oxidation decarburization;High surface hardness, small notch sensitivity, impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved;Conducive to play the potential of materials, save material consumption,improve the service life of the parts;compact equipment,easy to use,good working conditions.
(2) water soluble quenchant is light yellow transparent liquid, with anti-rust, anti-corrosion, wetting, sterilization and other additives, has inverse soluble in water.It overcomes the quick water cooling speed, easy cracking of components, slow oil cooling speed, poor hardening effect and inflammable shortcomings and so on.Water soluble quenchant is more stable than water quenching, more secure than oil (not quench oil inflammable), generally use concentration from 17% to 23%, and non-toxic, no lampblack, uniform quenching hardness,deep hardening layer, and is not easy to aging, deterioration, long service life.

1.5MW Wind turbine slewing bearing

Wind turbine bearings including pitch bearing/blade bearing,yaw bearing and main shaft bearings. They have the following characters:
1) High reliability
2) The inner and outer ring adopt 42CrMo4 materials which is superior to the EN10083 standard, which can effectively improve the low temperature impact capability and the heat treatment quality.
3) Optimize the assembly clearance and torque of slewing bearing according to the characteristics of pitch damping, so that it meets the pitch regulation better.
4) The optimized roller path improves load bearing capacity by 16.5% compared with that of the counterparts, which also contributes to better lubrication.
5) The seals adopt Simrit products imported from Germany, which effectively ensures the sealing performance and service life.


Span: 60 m 
Height of lifting: 5-60 m 
Span: 60 m


Height of lifting: 12-60 m 
Capacity of main hoist: 10 tons 
Speed of movement of rotation: 0.8m/min                  

slewing ring soft zone

It is a neccessory consequence to have the soft zone of the slewing ring during its production process, the soft zone occurs during surface quenching technique. The soft zone is the disadvantage of the use of the slewing bearing, if the the soft zone is in the correct installation position on the main machine, the effect of this disadvantage of the slewing ring will be decreased, so the installation position on the main machine is at the non-loaded zone on the slewin bearing in principle, or at light –loaded zone or at the non-usual loaded zone.


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