UWE FILA Dupla rolamento de Giro de esferas de diâmetros diferentes

UWE FILA Dupla diâmetro diferente Bola rolamento de Giro é composta principalmente de no anel, no anel e anel exterior, bolas e separadores Pode ser jogado direto para a parte superior e a parte inferior Da pista.De acordo com a condições de estresse, OS rolamentos são dispostas de duas fileiras de bolas de diferentes diâmetros.Essa montagem é Muito conveniente.ângulo superior e inferior a 90 Graus para pista é rolamentos podem suportar Grandes força axial e o torque resultante.COM necessidades especiais design quando força radial é 0,1 vezes maior do que a força axial.
Grande EM tamanho e características com design compacto, OS rolamentos são particularmente a aplicação EM equipamentos de manuseamento que médio acima de diâmetro, tais Como gruas Torre e gruas móveis.

UWE FILA única de Quatro Pontos de Contato Bola de anéis

UWE FILA única de Quatro Pontos de Contato Bola de anéis têm dois anéis de assento, que design de estrutura compacta e de Peso leve, Esfera de aço EM Contato com a pista circular EM Quatro Pontos, Pode suportar a força axial, força radial e momento de inclinação Ao Mesmo tempo.UWE FILA única de Quatro Pontos de Contato Bola anel TEM características de design compacto e leve EM peso.As bolas rolam Na corrida circular EM Quatro Pontos, por isso Pode comprometer - se a força axial, força radial e momento de tombamento Ao Mesmo tempo.
Esta série de Quatro Pontos de Contato rolamentos de esferas são adequados para muitas máquinas de engenharia, tais Como rotary conveyor operação de soldagem máquina, guindastes, escavadeiras de pequenas e médias, correias transportadoras, manipulador de solda, Luz e médio duty crane, e outras máquinas de construção



UWE Slewing Rings for renewable energies

UWE slewing ring has specialized exclusively on supplying system manufacturers in the renewable energy sector.
UWE slewing ring manufacturers of single-row and double-row ball slewing rings used as blade and yaw bearings, as well as for azimuth gear rims to a diameter of 4500 mm.
These are used for onshore and offshore wind turbines in the 100 kW to 7MW range. Roller slewing rings from UWE slewing ring are in use as single main bearings for gear- and shaftless wind turbines.

Small wind turbines

Small wind turbines may be used for a variety of applications including on- or off-grid residences, telecom towers, offshore platforms, rural schools and clinics, remote monitoring and other purposes that require energy where there is no electric grid, or where the grid is unstable. Small wind turbines may be as small as a fifty-watt generator for boat or caravan use. Hybrid solar and wind powered units are increasingly being used for traffic signage, particularly in rural locations, as they avoid the need to lay long cables from the nearest mains connection point. The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) defines small wind turbines as those smaller than or equal to 100 kilowatts.Small units often have direct drive generators, direct current output, aeroelastic blades, lifetime bearings and use a vane to point into the wind.
UWE bearing provide yaw, blade/pitch bearing and yaw bearing to our customers reliably. UWE wind turbine generator bearing is for 3KW-5MW wind turbine.Each wind turbine generator comprises of one yaw bearing and three pitch bearings, the material of the rolling rings is 42CrMo with quenching and tempering. Raceway surface intermediate frequency induction hardened. Due to complexity of the stress situation, the bearing must bear impact and carry high load. 20 years is a required lifetime for the wind turbine generator, it is also required by yaw bearing and pitch bearings as the mounting cost is too high.

UWE have self-develpoed hub for slewing ring testing

To make UWE slewing ring can work in perfect performance, we have self-developed hub to test slewing rings. We test every slewing ring before packaging, this could inspect if bearing could work with gear well, ball and spacer working performance,mounting hole precision and the torque changes..
For wind power, UWE keeps designing and developing.

Advantages of Wind Energy

Wind energy produces no polluting emissions of any kind, including those that cause global warming.
Wind turbines use a fuel that's free, inexhaustible and immune from the drastic price swings to which fossil fuels are subject.
With careful siting and outreach to the local community, wind farms can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to construct coal or natural-gas power plants. A 50-megawatt wind farm can be completed in less than a year.
In the right location, it takes only three to eight months for a wind energy farm to recoup the energy consumed by its building and installation -- one of the fastest "energy payback times" of any energy technology on the market.
Although bird and bat safety are ongoing concerns, wind power does not contribute to the plethora of other environmental and public health costs caused by conventional fossil power production: acid rain in lakes, mercury in fish, particulate-matter respiratory illnesses, coal mine slag, nuclear waste fuel storage, and so on. The National Academy of Sciences estimates that electricity generation from coal, oil-fueled vehicles and transportation, and electricity production from natural gas caused an estimated $120 billion in damages in 2005, with health-related damages accounting for almost all of these costs.
The growing use of wind energy creates manufacturing and technical jobs, and significantly more jobs per dollar invested compared to non-renewables technology, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Wind power consumes no water during operation. This will be an increasingly important attribute as the water-energy nexus grows in importance and as water use becomes an increasingly important facet of defining sustainability.

Electricity from wind

Germany, the US, Spain, Denmark, India and Australia are among the world's leading nations in the acquisition of wind energy. Wind generated energy is growing in leaps and bounds.

Wind power is now the world's fastest growing energy source and has also become one of the most rapidly expanding industries, with sales of roughly $3 billion in 2008. Major offshore developments are likely in northern European waters in the early part of the next century.

This will be the next major step for this technology and will result in a dramatic increase in decentralized electricity generation. Offshore wind has the potential to deliver substantial quantities of energy at a price that is cheaper than most of the other renewable energies, as wind speeds are generally higher offshore than on land

As of 1999, global wind energy capacity topped 10,000 megawatts, which is approximately 16 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. That's enough to serve over 5 cities the size of Miami , according to the American Wind Energy Association. Five Miamis may not seem significant, but if we make the predicted strides in the near future, wind power could be one of our main sources of electricity. "With today's technology, wind energy could provide 20% of America 's electricity (or about the amount nuclear power provides) with turbines installed on less than 1% of its land area. And within that area, less than 5% of the land would be occupied by wind equipment the remaining 95% could continue to be used for farming or ranching." By the year 2010, 10 million average American homes may be supplied by wind power, preventing 100 million metric tons of CO 2 emissions every year.

slewing bearing for Shuster Corporation arrived at USA

Today, we got feedbacks from USA customer Shuster Corporation, the slewing bearing 060.55.3454.101.11.1402 arrived at his side secessfully. The outer diameter of this bearing is 3560mm, so we asked forwarder to make special frame for transportation.   

Ferris wheel slewing ring/ferris bearing

Some of the largest modern ferris wheels have cars mounted on the outside of the rim, with electric motors to independently rotate each car to keep it upright. These wheels are sometimes referred to as observation wheels, and their cars referred to as capsules, however these alternative names are also sometimes used for wheels with conventional gravity-oriented cars.
The slewing ring bearings used on the ferris wheel are used with the internal ring. Mostly, the bearings should be light and safety enough during its rotation. For the slewing ring bearings used on the Ferris wheel/sky wheel. it will also be very important for the anticorrosion, thus, the slewing bearings can be used on the Ferris wheel for as long time as it can.
Mostly UWE ferris wheel slewing bearing is designed by customers, we offer technical support and excellent service.


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