Slewing Ring Static Load Capacity

The determined loads must be multiplied with a factor fstat allocated to the application. The product Fa or Mk must be below the static critical load curve of the selected bearing.

UWE slewing ring introduction

UWE is the leading manufacturer of slewing bearings (including ball and roller slewing rings) and of seamless-rolled steel and non-ferrous metal rings. UWE slewing bearings are in a wide variety of applications.UWE manufactures slewing bearings up to 5,000 mm diameter as mono-bloc systems and segmental bearings in larger dimensions.Total commitment to quality is common to both, our domestic and foreign production facilities.All service and areas from applications consulting to design and manufacturing,including comprehensive customer service, are based on the international DIN/ISO 9001/2000 quality standard series.

Examples for applications:
• Antennas and Radar
• Equipment
• Areal Hydraulic Platforms
• Aviation and Aerospace Units
• Bogie Bearings for Vehicles
• Communication Systems
• Excavators
• Harbour and Shipyard Cranes
• Machine Tools
• Mechanical Engineering
• Mobile Cranes
• Offshore Technology
• Packaging and Filling Machines
• Rail Vehicles
• Ship Deck Cranes
• Stackers and Reclaimers
• Steel mill Equipment
• Telescopes
• Tower Cranes
• Tunneling Machines
• Water Treatment Equipment
• Wind and Solar Energy Plants

Slewing Ring service life

In antifriction slewing bearing technology, theoretical life is a well-known term. Due to a multitude of influential factors, nominal life acc. to DIN/ISO281 cannot in practice be taken as an absolute value but as a reference value and design guide. Not all slewing bearings will reach their theoretical life, although most will generally exceed it,often by several times.Theoretical life criteria cannot be applied directly to large-diameter slewing bearings, particularly with slewing bearings performing intermittent slewing motions or slow rotations.In most applications the speed of rotation in the race will be relatively low. Therefore, the smooth operation and precise running of the slewing bearing are not adversely influenced by wear or by the sporadic occurrence of pittings. It is,therefore, not customary to design large-diameter slewing bearings destined for slewing or slow rotating motion on the basis of their theoretical life. For better definition, the term “service life”was introduced. A slewing bearing has reached its service life when torque resistance progressively increases, or when wear phenomena have progressed so far that the function of the bearing is jeopardized.Large diameter antifriction bearings are used in highly diverse operating conditions. The modes of operation can be entirely different such as slewing over different angles, different operating cycles, oscillating motions, or continuous rotation. Therefore, apart from static aspects,these dynamic influences have to be taken into account.
The slewing ring service life determined with the aid of the curves shown is only valid for bearings carrying out oscillating motions or slow rotations. This method is not applicable to:
– slewing bearings for high radial forces,
– slewing bearings rotating at high speed,
– slewing bearings having to meet stringent precision requirements.
In such cases UWE bearing will carry out the calculations based on the load spectra including the speed of rotation and the percentage of operating time.We must clearly distinguish between the operating hours of the equipment and the actual rotating or slewing time. The various loads must be taken into account in the form of load spectra and percentages of time. For service life considerations another influential factor not to be neglected is the slewing angle under load and without load.For an approximate determination of the service live of a slewing bearing, service life curves are shown next to the static limiting load diagrams.This does not apply to profile bearings types 13 and 21.These service life curves are based on 30,000 revolutions under full load. They can also be employed to determine the service life with different load spectra or to select a bearing with a specified service life.

Wind Power Slewing Ring Bearing

Except to support higher titling moment, the wind power slewing ring bearing can also much more complicated fatigued load due to aerodynamic and impeller revolving, additional with the requirements of high reliability and long life, so dynamic support capacity must be considered when in type-selection and designing of the wind power slewing ring bearing, mainly for the anti-fatigued life of the roller path.
Type-selection for the wind power slewing ring bearing, especially for the variation-impeller slewing ring bearing, is still in discussion. In accordance with installation and application status, it is commonly use the double-row four-contact ball bearing for the variation-impeller bearing, and for the yaw-navigation slewing ring bearing, usually it is using single-row four-contact ball bearing, and also the cross roller bearing but not commonly used.
Quality of the slewing ring bearing is mainly due to quality of its roller path, including machine work quality and heat treatment quality. And quality of the roller path is based on equipment and technique guarantee, so the critical point for assuring quality of the slewing ring bearing is properly selection of equipment and technique.
Wind  turbine slewing ring bearing is mainly used in bad environment, so requirements for lubricating, sealing and anticorrosion are strict, by using proper lubricating grease and method, sealing material and structure, anticorrosion technique.
Slewing ring bearing is a kind of large-scale bearing, possessing driving gears in either internal ring or external ring, used for matching gear engagement with driving pinion for driving torgue, in wind turbine, commonly used for pitch and yaw system of wind turbine which endures complex load and is difficult to disassemble, assemble and maintain.Therefore, the wind turbine slewing ring bearing is more strictly in design and manufacture. Generally, life requirement for the wind turbine slewing ring bearing should be as the same as that of the wind turbine unit, and should be more than 20 years. 

Definition of Slewing Ring Bearing

slewing bearing/slewing ring is a rotational rolling-element bearing that typically supports a heavy but slow-turning or slow-oscillating load, usually a horizontal platform such as a conventional crane, a swing yarder, or the wind-facing platform of a horizontal-axis windmill.
Compared to other bearings, the slewing ring is thin in section and is often with large size by unit of meter.
The slewing ring/slewing bearing often uses two rows of rolling elements. It often uses three race elements, such as an inner ring and two outer ring "halves" that clamp together axially.
slewing ring/slewing bearing is usually made with gear teeth integral with the inner or outer race, used to drive the platform relative to the base.

Wind turbine bearing

UWE bearing provide yaw, blade/pitch bearing and yaw bearing to our customers reliably. UWE wind turbine generator bearing is for 3KW-5MW wind turbine.Each wind turbine generator comprises of one yaw bearing and three pitch bearings, the material of the rolling rings is 42CrMo with quenching and tempering. Raceway surface intermediate frequency induction hardened. Due to complexity of the stress situation, the bearing must bear impact and carry high load. 20 years is a required lifetime for the wind turbine generator, it is also required by yaw bearing and pitch bearings as the mounting cost is too high.

UWE bearing-wire raceway bearing

UWE bearing spent 3 months in developing,designing and producting wire raceway bearing, making great breakthrough.
Material is Aluminum alloy which is light weight, to make the wire race bearing play good performance in army equipment like tank. The tweight of the wire race way bearing is nearly 130kg. UWE bearing engineers use special technology to design and produce this kind bearing, From getting the design aim on 30 December, 2013 to finish producing on 28 March, 2014, all process are controlled strictly.
UWE bearing keeps researching and developing slewing bearing all the time,  this great breakthrough will help UWE bearing to get t 

UWE-slewing bearing manufacturer

UWE bearing is engaged in designing,developing and manufacturing slewing bearing, with the big customer of GPC,Sinovel Wind Group and SKF China. Professional design technology,Strict quality control and considerable after-sales service make UWE owning the famous customers. 
1. UWE Bearing Manufacturing capacity: 
slewing ring outer diameter from 300mm-5000mm. 
Tooth processing module :M7-M25 
Gear machining accuracy:<0.1 
Max. Tapping diameter :M60 
Rolling element material: Chrome steel GCr15 or GCr15SiMn 
Ring Material: 42CrMo, 50Mn, steel 45# ,aluminum alloy,stainless steel 
Seal: NBR 
Service: OEM Service Offered/Design Service Offered/Buyer Label Offered 

UWE Slewing Bearing

Dalian United Wind Power Generation Bearing Co., Ltd.(UWE bearing) is a professional manufacturer and exporter of slewing bearing/slewing rings with registered trade mark ‘UWE’.UWE bearing is located in Xijiao industry park of Wafangdian city-the capital of the bearings, covers an area of 50,000 square meters. With a registered capital of 20 million Yuan (RMB) and total capital of more than 250 million Yuan (RMB), UWE bearing has strong comprehensive competitiveness with constructed 20,000 square meters of workshop, over 100 employees, boast an annual sales figure that exceed 150 million Yuan (RMB).


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