010.20.200 slewing ring without gear

010.20.200 slewing ring without gear

1.Bearing No.:010.20.200


UWE is planing to do DNVGL certificate for slewing ring

After Vestas engineer visit to UWE, we begin to perfect management system, improve quality control and optimize test equipment. We gained another big customer ZWZ, we supply 1.5 MW blade bearing manufacturing services for them and they come for inspection.
Fortunately, Gemasa purchasing managers also will come on 30-31 July for wind power bearings. It is quite a good chance for UWE.
In addition, We are planing to do DNVGL certificate, and getting contact with the organization.This is our first time to do this certificate, so we have to gain a long-term slewing ring supply-demand relationship,especially wind turbine bearings. 
With the DNVGL certificate, we could help more customer to do slewing ring certificate and will make customer be more confident about UWE slewing bearings.

Slewing Ring Work and Utility

Slewing ring is a revolving bearing with gear rings drove by a motor. UWE slewing ring usually is utilized in heavy machines that slowly revolves on a horizontal platform. Typically the slewing ring was used in solar energy tracking system, cranewind power generator, hoisting system etc.. For the highly precision slewing bearing, it can also used in construction machinery.
Types of the slewing bearing are usually into three modes: without gear, internal gear and external gear.

Slewing Ring Bearing for Wind Turbines

Except to support higher titling moment, the wind turbine slewing bearing can also much more complicated fatigued load due to aerodynamic and impeller revolving, additional with the requirements of high reliability and long life, so dynamic support capacity must be considered when in type-selection and designing of the wind turbine slewing ring bearing, mainly for the anti-fatigued life of the roller path.
Type-selection for the wind turbine slewing ring, especially for the variation-impeller slewing ring, is still in discussion. In accordance with installation and application status, it is commonly use the double-row four-contact ball bearing for the variation-impeller bearing, and for the yaw-navigation slewing ring bearing, usually it is using single-row four-contact ball bearing, and also the cross roller bearing but not commonly used.
Quality of the slewing ring bearing is mainly due to quality of its roller path, including machine work quality and heat treatment quality. And quality of the roller path is based on equipment and technique guarantee, so the critical point for assuring quality of the slewing ring bearing is properly selection of equipment and technique.
Wind  turbine slewing ring bearing is mainly used in bad environment, so requirements for lubricating, sealing and anticorrosion are strict, by using proper lubricating grease and method, sealing material and structure, anticorrosion technique.
Slewing ringis a kind of large-scale bearing, possessing driving gears in either internal ring or external ring, used for matching gear engagement with driving pinion for driving torgue, in wind turbine, commonly used for pitch and yaw system of wind turbine which endures complex load and is difficult to disassemble, assemble and maintain.Therefore, the wind turbine slewing ring bearing is more strictly in design and manufacture. Generally, life requirement for the wind turbine slewing ring bearing should be as the same as that of the wind turbine unit, and should be more than 20 years. 

supply slewing ring OEM service for ZWZ

UWE has gained another big customer ZWZ, we supply slewing ring OEM service for ZWZ. These bearings are blade bearing for 1.5MW wind turbines.All manufacturing procedures are operated by us and ZWZ collegue will come for inspection. UWE has established good slewing ring business relationship with many big customers domestic and overseas including: Sinovel Wind Group,SKF (Dalian) Bearings and Precision Technologies Co. Ltd.,Wafangdian Bearing Group Corporation,GPC Global Sourcing Ltd..
Anothe good chance for UWE is that Gemasa purchasing manager will come UWE at the end of July for discussing widn turbine bearings, UWE everyone is ready for the visiting of Gemasa. Meanwhile UWE is here waiting for every cusomer coming and visiting.

Materials for Sealing Ring of Slewing Ring Bearing

Materials for sealing ring of the slewing ring bearing usually is butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber SN7453, structure is often sealing in lip type. In places with the large discrepancy of climate and temperature, can use zeolite base rubber as the material of sealing ring for the slewing ring bearing, its reaction temperature range is much larger than that of butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber, and its highest reaction temperature can reach to 200 ℃. Regarding to sealing structure, there is special structure of sealing ring is shown as double-lip sealing for the wind turbine slewing ring, this sort of structure can avoid radiation and oxidation gases into the roller path, to guarantee quality of the roller path. In some special wind fields under some conditions, materials and structures of sealing ring of the slewing ring should be specially considered.

Deck crane slew bearing tests

A number of incidents have occurred recently involving failure of the slew bearings of ships’ cargo deck cranes, resulting in crane losses and serious injury to personnel.
These failures have been caused by undetected excessive wear in the slew bearings.

Rocking tests
Crane manufacturers generally recommend that ‘rocking tests’ are carried out every six months in accordance with their instructions, and that the results are recorded and monitored in order to ensure the wear tolerances remain within the limits permitted by the designers.

Cranes which are particularly at risk are those with single ball race slew bearings. Cranes fitted with this type of slew bearing must have rocking tests carried out, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, to determine that the amount of wear in the bearing races is within permitted limits.

Although cranes with single ball race slew bearings are considered to be most at risk, rocking tests on all deck cranes,where recommended by the crane manufacturer, must be carried out and the results must be recorded.

If no rocking test has been carried out in the previous six months, the crane in question will not be certified for further use.It will also be recommended that the crane is taken out of service and the Lifting Appliance Register will be endorsed accordingly.

Measuring proceadures for wear in slewing bearings for rope luffing cranes.The slewing bearing is an essential part of the crane and must be well maintained.
Over the years the slewing bearing will have some wear, and to be able to know if there is a need for changing the slewing bearing it is needed to keep a record of the wear.

The measurements should be taken reqularly, every 6 months.Measurements can be sent to the Maker for evaluation.

Note When measurements are to be taken the ship shall have as little list/trim as possible.

Slewing Ring Cleaning and Assembling

After the slewing ring is assembled, elements of each suit and each line cannot be exchanged. When disassemble the slewing ring for cleaning, it should be operated based on the slewing bearing assembling drawing strictly, the half ring of upper and lower should be assembled according to the original drilling hole position.

Gear surface of the slewing bearing should be cleaned every 10 days to remove sundries, and sprayed with the lubricating grease.

UWE slewing rings for excavators

UWE can offer a wide range of excavators, like Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Caterpillar, Hyundai and so on.
Small size four-point contact ball slewing bearings often used for this application.Single row four point contact ball bearing is composed of two seatings. This type slewing bearing ring/slewing bearing/slewing ring features compact in design,light in weight, the balls contact with the circular raceway at four moment may be simultaneously.we can supply according to the most of the machine number, and a lot of slewing rings are in stock for the quickdelivery.

Wind turbine pitch bearing

The pitch bearing is a significant component of the safety concept of a turbine.The bolted joint that connects the rotor blade via the blade bearing to the rotor hub is subjected to extremely dynamic loads.the blade angle must always be optimally adjusted to the wind speed via the rotary motion of the blade bearing.As an interface to component developers and suppliers verified load specifications act for components like main bearing, blade bearing, yaw drives and tower foundation.For example, the pitch system was broken down into the components rotor blade, blade bolts, blade bearing, yaw ring, pitch gear, etc. 


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